Collectable NFT Project

Available Now

Retro Bears from the future.

So pumped to share my genesis NFT collection – the Rare Bears!

As my very first dive into the exciting world of crypto art I have created a series of collectable characters that are born from a variety of things that inspire me as an artist and point to some of the amazing pop-culture themes that I love. Collectable cards, 80’s & 90’s pop culture and robotic cyberpunk were the obvious choices here!

This first series of the Rare Bear NFTs are a collection of 6 unique cards, each one hand-drawn digitally and animated. These are available now as as a 1-of-one NFT collection on Foundation. Secure yours now.

Alpha Bear

Limited edition 1 of 1

Bionic Bear

Limited edition 1 of 1

Ninja Bear

Limited edition 1 of 1

DJ Bear

Limited edition 1 of 1

Geek Bear

Limited edition 1 of 1

Robo Bear

Limited edition 1 of 1

What’s to come

Expanding the Rare Bears world

Very excited to expand the Rare Bears series with many more new cards and characters in the works, a Rare Bears avatar collection, exclusive airdrops for collectors plus a physical series is in the works right now.

So pumped to build on the Rare Bears world!